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Sandals arrived! Oh my goodness they are superb!!! Thank you so much Ankalia. Love the packaging too. I'm going to wear them to dinner tonight. xox

Beth - Tasmania, Australia

I have just received my sandals in the mail, and to say I am absolutely delighted really doesn't do justice to how gorgeous they are! Thanks for the efficient service too, I'm over the moon. To my friend Marisa, thanks for liking the page on Facebook, I never would have found what I was looking for otherwise.

Aerin - Chicago, USA

I'm one of those girly girls that loves all things pink.  I don't know why. It must just be something in my DNA. Anyhow, discovering a brand that does pink sandals is amazing. I did a count and there are about five of your designs that have pink in them so I am adding one pair each month to my wardrobe. So far I have the Valentina and on my wish list I have Bianca, Hillary and Sarah. Thank you so much Ankalia. Please keep adding pink sandals to your range. 


Who would have thought you could get sandals covered in Swaroski Crystals. Wow! Thank you Ankalia. I love my 'blingy' crystal sandals. 


In searching the internet for some exciting sandals with personality, I discovered the stunning 'blingy' Ankalia sandals. They are beautiful leather and have lots of personality added by the Swarovkski crystals. They are stunning!


Ankalia, I bought your sandals in lime green. I love them and I'm really surprised that lime green actually goes with virtually everything. I've worn them almost every day and every night this summer. Thank you for my great buy.


Hi Cheryl, Just got them!!! LOVE them!!! Thanks so much. 

Anna - Malaysia

Thank you so much for my gorgeous red sandals. They are hot! I love love love them. xx


I discovered Ankalia during a trip to Noosa. I love your embellished sandals and they are perfect for any Summer holiday where you want to have a break from wearing heels but still look casually glamorous. They are perfect with my Camilla outfits. I also discovered your Blog whilst in Noosa and I loved your travel tips for things to do in Noosa. Thank you very much to your Creative Director - Cheryl Botha. I am now a big fan!

Anthony - Sydney, Australia

In just 5 minutes online I completed all my Christmas shopping for the women in my life. Ankalia what great sandals you have! I bought them for my wife, my mother and my two sisters. Christmas shopping all sorted. What a relief! Thank you. 


My Lizzie sandals are divine! I love them. I am so glad I discovered Ankalia on Instagram. I am so impressed with the story of your Founder Cheryl Botha. The fact that she handcrafts her own sandal designs is really impressive. She has given me inspiration to one day run my own business too. Thank you again.


Hello I have just arrived at home!

I've never had shoes delivered the same day. How wonderful....Thank you.


I love my yellow suede sandals. Best shoes ever! I certainly get a lot of wear out of them. 

Catherine - Melbourne Australia

For the second year in a row I attended the annual ladies lunch at the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club. It was great to see your beautiful sandals there again, as part of the silent auction program.  It is really nice to see that Ankalia supports womens' issues and gives back to the community. Well done Ankalia! 


Thank you so much Cheryl. My sandals are amazing. I'm so impressed with your designs.  I can't wait to wear them. xxoo


Crystal shoes! Thank you so much Ankalia. I love my flat Swarovski Crystal sandals. 


I will never forget the day I took my 6 year old niece Charlotte to work and introduced her to my female boss. Charlotte's response was "I thought only men could be the boss."  Aaagh! So glad to read that there are organisations like Femeconomy now and that Ankalia is Femeconomy approved. I'll be watching with interest over the years to see where little Charlotte ends up in life.

Claire - Perth, Western Australia

I discovered your Swarovksi sandals at the St Hilda's Gala dinner last Friday. They are exquisite! It was great of you to make such a kind and generous donation. Thank you very much.


My Gemma sandals arrived today. Woo Hoo! I absolutely love them. They are so unique. I love the two shades of green with the pale purple leather. Divine!!!!!


 I came across Ankalia's sandals when I was looking for something a bit more glamorous than thongs. That's when I stumbled across these glam rock beauties and will never turn back. They are definitely a statement piece and I can't imagine my wardrobe without them!


Ankalia, I just watched your film on You Tube. Very informative!  Great seeing how your beautiful sandals are handcrafted. I love them and I love what you do. Congratulations on such a beautiful and inspiring product and business. 

Despy - Sydney, Australia

What a lovely start to my day! The Terena Sandals arrived and they are even more beautiful in real life. I really love them! With love and gratitude. Thank you Ankalia. I can't wait for Spring.


Hi Cheryl, Forgot to message you last week. Received my beautiful fabulous sandals! I love love love them. Perfect for my daughters wedding reception. Thanks again, Donna. 


I loved your blog about shopping tips for Melbourne. I can't wait to visit your secret find - Madam Virtue. Thanks for sharing!


Bling! Bling! Bling! I love my stunning sandals. 

Erin - Ohio, USA

The lizard design on my sandals is stunning and very unique! Thank you Ankalia. 


What a nice surprise to meet you at Subiaco Farmers Market yesterday. Your sandals are even more beautiful in real life. I will be giving your url to my husband for future gift ideas, for me of course!


Ooh La La!  Thank you so much Cheryl. My Isabella sandals are stunning. I love the fact that they are limited edition and handcrafted by you. I read your blogs and I love the inspiration I get from you. You are so talented and you are the kind of woman that really inspires me. Thank you again. 


Love, love, love my Sylvia sandals. Thank you Cheryl.  I'm now a big fan of yours.  xx


I love your sandals Ankalia. Your Creative Director - Cheryl Botha is really doing a wonderful job with your designs. Cheryl is an inspiration to me and surely to many other women around the world who dream of starting their own business.  


I love my green and purple sandals. Best shoes ever and a perfect match with my beach dress! 

Irene - Melbourne, Australia

I was lucky enough to discover Ankalia sandals at the NGV Open Garden Day in Melbourne. I love your sandals and I am so glad I found you. xx


Oh my goodness I want to say an enormous thank you. My wedding is on Rottnest Island in November. They are just perfect in everyway and I am so excited to wear them. I've already told all my girlfriends and family about your sandals.

Also your packaging is so luxurious.

I am so grateful!


I just bought my forth pair of your Swarovski sandals. It's lovely to know that you hand make your sandals here in Perth. Anything made by hand seems very rare these days. I first bought your Lizzie sandals last Summer and for this Summer I am now the proud owner of the Charlie sandals, the Gemma in tan and the Amanda in grey. Thank you for having my Summer footwear organised for this season. 


i hadn't heard of Femeconomy until I saw that you are Femeconomy approved. Great to read that Ankalia is a female owned and operated business. I'm all for gender equality. Great job to you and the Founders of Femeconomy. I'll be doing my bit and buying Femeconomy approved brands whenever possible.

Jason - California, USA

Sandals have arrived and my wife could not be happier. Size is perfect and packaging is outstanding. Awesome surprise present. Thanks so much.

Jennifer - Singapore

My shoes arrived in your beautiful packaging early this week. I love them! Your quality and craftsmanship are beautiful. I'm sure they are going to be the source of many enquiries and envy in Singapore, where I live. I actually first heard of your brand via Chyka Keebaugh's Instagram feed. Thanks again!

Jess - Brisbane, Australia

Hi Cheryl!

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. I wore your Charlotte sandals for my wedding on March 2nd. They were perfect ( and so comfy). So beautiful, I also wore them each night to dinner of our honeymoon.My mum ordered them for me, I thought I’d send you some pics as she said you would love to see.

Jess xx



They were truly everything I have envisioned, and couldn’t find anything like them anywhere else until I found you!

So thank you once again xxx


Hi Cheryl, it was really lovely to meet you last week, everyday for 3 days! I so enjoyed our conversations. You must come to the shopping centre at least twice a year. I love my green and lilac Gemma sandals. As soon as I wore them home, I stuck on Scholl “Party Feet - Gel Cushions” and they work a treat. No rubbing between my toes. I also scored the underside to prevent slipping. A couple of people have commented on how beautiful the sandals are. Thank you for going the extra mile to make them overnight for me. All the best Cheryl. Juliana x


I love your Lara Sandal and it's simplicity is a staple. I am also super excited that someone in our country has learnt this traditional craft in Italy. Thank you and well done!


I am so in love with this Melbourne based sandal company. For some sparkling goodness check out @ankaliadesigns. These beautifully handcrafted sandals have been made with love and will be my staple with my Camilla kaftans this Summer. Thank you Cheryl for your wonderful service with so much attention to detail. I love receiving that gorgeous blue box in the mail. Be warned it's hard to stop at one pair! xx


On my recent summer holiday to Brazil I had to pack very sparingly. My Ankalia sandals in Gemma tan were the best footwear ever. I could wear them all day with cut off denims and at night with a little Summer dress. Perfect!

Thank you Ankalia


Cheryl, received the sandals. They are beautiful and love the packaging and lovely note. Thank you.


Thank you for the most beautiful sandals. I appreciate you swapping the size for me. They are amazing. Thank you Cheryl. x

Kaz - Brisbane, Australia

Thank you @ankaliadesigns for your continued wonderful service and beautifully crafted sandals. I'm in love!


I had my dream wedding on the beach in Broome and I wore the Ankalia Lizzie sandals in white. I love them! Thank you to the team at Ankalia.

Lara - Florida, USA

My Isabella sandals are stunning. I love the sparkle and bling. They are the most gorgeous shoes I've ever owned. 

Lea - Melbourne, Australia

I caught up with my friend on Wednesday and gave her the sandals - she just loves them, they fit her perfectly and look stunning on her. She thinks they are the most beautiful shoes she has ever had!


I was so thrilled to see that your sandals are handcrafted and not mass produced in China. I also watched the film of you making them which was very impressive and very professional. Your product is true luxury in every way. Thank you. 

Libby - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Cheryl, I have just received my beautiful sandals. thank you so much, I love them.


My sandals are simply beautiful! Your whole presentation is stunning! I also love the packaging!

Maria - Perth, Western Australia

Good morning Cheryl, my daughter adores her pearl sandals. Thank you again for your skill and kind professionalism. We wish you much success forever. Kind regards, M


I received a pair of your gorgeous Isabella sandals for Christmas. They are gorgeous and I absolutely love them. Beautifully made. Thanks, Marie. 


Thank you so much, my Mum Loved them. She was in tears when she opened the box. You did an excellent job.


I just achieved legend status because I surprised my wife with your Hillary sandals for her birthday. I'm so glad I read about you in The Age. Thank you Ankalia. 


I just read the story about your Creative Director - Cheryl. I found her story very inspirational and I hope you publish more about her in the future. I would like to be brave like her and study in Italy as well. 

Naomi - Chicago, USA

Well the product is gorgeous and the packaging great. Fantastic customer experience! They are delightful - Looking forward to having the occasion to wear them.




I've never been an online shoe shopper but since discovering Ankalia sandals I'm hooked. I love them! 


I wear high heeled court shoes all week in the corporate world. I am so happy to now own many pairs of Ankalia sandals with the 2cm heel. It's just enough to give me a lift and they are my preferred choice of footwear on weekends.

Nicoline - The Netherlands

I received my sandals. I love them. Thank you very, very, very much.  xx

Olga - California, USA

Flat leather sandals with real Swarovski Crystals! Absolutely divine! I love pink and my pink Valentina sandals are pure perfection. Thank you so much! 

Patrick - Nice, France

Very speedy service and beautiful product. My wife is happy.


Hi Cheryl, My sandals have just arrived and they are beautiful...presentation is top shelf too. Love your work. Thanks Pauline. 


Thanks for my beautiful sparkly sandals and your personalised service Cheryl. I'll definitely be back for more. xx


Wonderful service and they are just beautiful!


Thank you Ankalia. I didn't even know what a Swarovksi crystal was until I happened to see a post of yours on Facebook. I thought your sandals looked like something very pretty and very unique so I bought a pair for my wife's birthday. I'm the best husband in the world as a result. I think I'll be buying more. I love the fact that you do the wrapping for me too! Well done and great service!


I loved meeting you at Subiaco Farmers Market yesterday. Your story about studying in Milan and then working as a trainee with a traditional sandal Artisan in Italy was really interesting and inspiring. It's great to see  beautiful, unique sandals that are handcrafted here in Perth, as opposed to something that is mass produced overseas. Meeting you yesterday Cheryl was the highlight of my day. 

Sara - Perth, Western Australia

I love my sandals. Thanks so much for letting me pick them up from your studio, rather than wait for Australia Post.


I'm so glad I found you. With my size 12 feet I struggle to find pretty sandals that fit. The Lara in size 43 are perfect. Thank you so much.


Hi Cheryl, Thank you so much. I really wasn't expecting that level of service and can't thank you enough for making my sandals so quickly. They are beautiful and I can't wait to wear them. Sarah xxx


Thank you for my pink sandals Ankalia. I am pink obsessed and I am so happy I found you. I'm a happy pink girl! xx


Thank you Ankalia, for my beautiful Sienna blue sandals. I am travelling to the Maldives today and they are the only shoes I have packed (I hope to be barefoot most days). The Sienna sandals will go with all my summer outfits and go from day- to-night. Yeah!


Thank you Cheryl. I love the simplicity of my Lara sandals. The colour selections are fantastic. I have the nude and the yellow. I think I'll have to get the red as well. Cheers!


Great market stall at Subiaco yesterday. I love your sandals. The quality of the leather is beautiful and the fact that you showed me the Sienna ones that you have been wearing for 4 Summers confirms the durability of a high quality, handcrafted product. 


Ankalia, your Pearl sandals are beautiful. They were perfect for my wedding shoes. Thank you so much. 

Stella - New Zealand

Simply divine! Love love love my sparkly sandals. Ankalia sandals are amazing.  


I wore my Sylvia sandals to our office Christmas party. I have terrible feet but they were so comfortable. They are such a wardrobe staple. I love them so much, I'm going to buy another pair of the Sylvia and keep them in my wardrobe for a few years down the track in case you don't make them again in the future. 



Hello Cheryl,

Oh my, how beautiful, how special ! Thank you for the special offer and making my gorgeous new sandals! I will always love wearing them!



I'm a girl that loves red shoes. In fact most of my shoe closet is full of red shoes.  I was so happy when I discovered you online. I bought every sandal design you have in red - Lara, Amanda and Catherine. I also love the fact that you offer a heel choice. I got the Lara in flat and the other two are a bit dressier so I go them in the 2cm option. Thank you Ankalia. I am definitely a big red shoe fan. xx


I follow Ankalia Designs on Instagram. I love how you team your sandals with such beautiful clothes. You give me fashion inspiration every day. Everything you do is really beautiful. Thanks so much.

Tracey - London

Please pass on my thanks to your Creative Director - Cheryl Botha. I watched her Ankalia story on You Tube and found it really inspiring. She has done a fantastic job with her sandal business and her story has prompted me to chase my dreams as well. Thank you. xx


Hi Cheryl, I received my beautiful sandals and just adore them. Thank you very kindly for suggesting the white.  I’ll be sure to tell everyone who comments about your great business and even better customer service. All the very best and looking forward to when I choose my next ones.  Kind regards, Veronica.




Recently I attended a wedding on the beach in Noosa. The bridesmaids all wore floaty dresses in a soft pink colour and their sandals were amazing. They matched the pink dresses beautifully. I found out they were sandals by Ankalia. Love them!


Hi Cheryl, you did win best service of the year. I did receive your lovely surprise yesterday. Thank you and have a great weekend too!


Ankalia sandals are the best ever. I'm so glad I found you Ankalia Designs on Instagram. Since then I have purchased your pearl sandals for a beach wedding I'm a bridesmaid in and I also have the Isabella sandals I wore to another beach wedding. Thank you so much! xx